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jesus is my brother and mary is my mother. we were raised to love one another. i have 2 freckles on my hands they remind me of those nails and that i have light in my heart and where i am truly from. you are my sister and my brother. we were raised to love one another and create a faithful bridge for family where there isn't one. these hands are warm and stable and freakishly soft, so i've been told. i lay them upon our hearts and feel that healing light surge and trust this is walk on water faith and knowingness is strength when evidence can't be heard or shown. 

this tee shirt is helpful in the rain. 


to not erase, but to embrace. 

this is the life that makes a way when there isn't one.

to find peace with no reason but to understand we are all god's children, and he forsakes none. 

with the knowingness that forward movement means love-me-this,

an unspoken promise to rising visions with heart on fire, like mothersun. 

the preference set to selfishness over selflessness. because she protects the little one.

and she sees now the love-me-trust, all along she was the only one she could count on. 

the stars are proof, compassion pants of our youth.

and now there is no stopping her from aligning with outside trust.

one more thing. give me real. the ones who feel the power of can do and see the light as a bright source to lead them to what they want. the ones who can ask and the ones who can own a piece of the glorious magnanimous life and take the world by storm.

- me





vincente agor

made in lowell

have the want. now have the have.




Never give up. When your heart becomes tired, just walk with your legs - but move on. paulo coelho

i believe we receive what we are meant to when it happens. regardless of the original intended or intention. the love message transcends and is delivered to who is open to letting in and running with the heart song string. see rainbow of silk. building a lighthouse or house of light inside, that feels like silk but strong like brick. and this takes time.



to be or not to be.

the most demanding part: loving self

act one: i will be, potential

act two: do the right thing

act three: deviate from the pack

act four: who you are not

act four and one-half: improv, seriously?

act five: conspire - energetic influences

act six: knowingness meet clarity

act seven: revise intentions, process

act seven and one-half: hello guilt, fear, and your dang friends

INTERMISSION — popcorn, no butter.

act eight: follow your heart, love

act nine: create miracles, it's common place

act ten: conscious creation, tbc. Ox. 

Live what you love.™

just focus on what you want to show up in your life. and, be specific. 


 where'd hope go? editor advisory: take her down, it's fit to print. you can thank meredith publishing. i will find a solution for the few that have been following her. thank you for loving the dream in hope's story. it is getting really good. i love them with all my heart. tbc. ox. 


make a wish with me

here's a little sweet heartsong that woke in my spirit this morning. birthed. top of mind, top of heart. 

we do not now what tomorrow brings... may intentions merge in dreamtime. because i think they do. 

LISTEN: audio MAKE A WISH WITH ME again iphoney studio :) quality production....listen with buds in, sound feels better to me.  

G lullaby - by me 7.27.14

close your eyes G.

go to sleep.

wander with me,

in peace.

close your eyes G.

go to sleep. 

grasp a star.

make a wish with me.


AMEN to that! Ox. 


loveliveshere scarves. story within a story.  


she's reaL

another iphone recorded tune:| ahem. flipfloping if i should post with crap quality...sounds best with earbuds in. trusting, stayin on course: mission let it fly. it would be sick with harmony. i know, i sang with myself, sounds freakin better. and with strings, even better. banks or alicia keys would kill this song.

heartsong: scoring a love scene, dear john: a heart being moved, emotions transmuted into something beautiful, like from a potter's wheel. openness can trip you. i have come to learn that it is almost impossible not to love at this level of trust and not be a vehicle of communicating what happens inside. the fruit is on the branches. and that can be a reach. i am leaning solely on intuition and that our souls can speak. all love here. everyday. Ox. 

here's the shorty version of:

she's reaLwritten by me. 08.18.14


i didn’t fall for you

you tripped me with your tools


i didn’t fall for you

you tripped me, changed the rules


:: there’s no harm done 

that can’t be thrown from this wheel 

she blows your love 

and bites what she feels

mark your mind all the time

and now you know

she is reaL.


i didn’t fall for you

you tripped me with your tools


i didn’t fall for you

you tripped me, changed the rules




and now you know 

and now you know

she’s reaL.


pot by edward z. with sweet heart string from green the magic blanket.


love senses.

i saw 2 dophins yesterday, swimming in tandem... close, but too far away to capture a good picture... so in my mind i played their opera in my head and awoke to this. words.
here, love senses. 
by me. Ox. 


love looks like
water; running, still, sparkling
love looks like
a bird, the bird, flying, landing
love looks like
a cloud; mother of pearl, cirrus or blanket strato—mind at loss for words but feeling everything
love looks like 
a word; intented, spoken kindly, mindly timely from these lips de santos 
love looks like
close your eyes, picture whatever fills your heart with smiles with warm sweetness and ...
love looks like 
expressing truth, intending to share an inspiration to a bring out the very best in a soulfriend
love feels like
a warm sensation in the palm of my hands as i lay them on your arms 
love feels like
a skipped beat, that gets our attention to look back one more time to know, a safe. 
love feels like 
love feels like 
grass underfoot, the surging of your roots from birth
love feels like 
the force of trust that pedals when we fall
love smells like
fresh ground coffee beans that wake you
love smells like 
me. its all i know.
love smells like
you. my soul knows. 
love smells like
rain on pavement
love smells like 
love sounds like 
love sounds like 
an inhale and exhale, boundless safety.
love sounds like 
roaring waves and we speak. 
love sounds like 
a pasta or chocolate sneeze 
love tastes like 
this heart song on the tip of my pink tongue set free
love tastes like
the first bite of bazooka joe in 1985
love tastes like 
salty summer cheek skin beached with a healing breeze in my wind



caught in the moment

i had a dream that i was caught off guard, i didn't feel prepared-n-pretty and you made me feel beautiful.

you matter to me. grateful. very. Ox. tbc.



yo moses


crap! tech spec: iphone recording quality. :) pardon the ruffy track. i feel it sounds best on an iphone...note: i am not a performer—infact i have a bit of stagefright :| .... i am just a writer/songwriter who sang in church. amen. i will post more tunes. the variety is vast. this is a true folky heartsong. this took freakin super courage. (new lease: face my fears, don't listen to discouraging feedback) i have more than 50 songs written with music. many more just written. i have decided i am letting them free. it is time. and this act will route my intention for these feelings to who/where they are meant to be sung by. 

i wrote this tune a few years ago. i opened up and this came through. and we can all be moses/muses. the process for me when writing is quick and jumps into my heart like a beam of light, my bat signal. i have no clue what comes out until i read, after written. words first. then melody. give me a soul voice vibe, i will bounce off it. easy. 

love, little mighty Ghostwriter Ox.

my new reaL world written by me, 8.16.11

there's got to be more than this

moses tied his shoes, grabbed his suitcase and said i'm leaving folks.

not sure there's room for see you soon. goodbyes are hard for me, you know.

he rode off in the darkness. haven't heard from him yet.

well it's been years since then.

must be making happiness somewhere. 

moses what's a happening my friend?


moses sits down and sends news home.

telling i can whistle for water here. so different. sorry it's been so long. 

lost track of time, made my peace, but shed no tears. 

yeah well, that's the funny thing

easy is an easy thing. once you let it be. see, it was time for me. 

i had to get-outa my own way-ay ay.

had to get-out my own way.


and then this glass appeared from the sand as the magician holds your hand.

and your refill is free again. 

i drank this liquid light, he says its called freedom rains/reigns.

there's a day called joy-and-peace.

and laughter is a common thing.


this is my new real world.

livin my new. real. world.

 i'm calling it my. new. real. world.

companion to my soul.


he's says it's old news looking back once the sunsets, 

waiting in the dark, holding hands, praying on those days he couldn't see it yet.

he went on to say, i let in this faith.


done kicking rocks in the dust,  feeling god's green grass lifting me up.

receiving his new breath in my soul, 

needed a good reason for walking for away. 

my stubborn streaks were hard to break.

ahh, just let it go.

ahh, i just let them go.


i've stepped into this new real world,

 i'm calling it my. new. real. world.

 i'm calling it my. new. real. world.

companion to my soul.

healing prayer candle.


back up.

to know this. the meaning for me, powerful. do you have my back>i've got your back>watch your back>back up everything—yes everything heart (not sure this is possible..hmm)>

so i made a plan, based on my inner knowingness, all we really own that is authentically original. our code. no one can assign it to you. you can't buy it. awareness is gold. 

what has meaning to you? what feels like comfort? what holds value to your life? who and what is in your plan? the no plan plan. who takes up valuable space in your energy field with the capacity to see and feel what you know is reaL?

so snoopy. he was a part of the plan. a pal. a A+++ student in my closet class room. it was amazing. i had the bedroom under the center staircase in an old captain's house and so my closet was underneath the rise and run. it was deep and had a shelf—my desk, at the very end. and there was an electrical outlet in there to plug in whatever i wanted to...a little light. my room was really small in comparison to the closet. go deep, imagination nation was happening and the little mind would wind up everyday with happiness in her heart and eyes ready to learn and teach. my mom called me a little squirrel. 

be prepared. a good student.

be kind. a good friend.

be loving. a nurturer at heart.

be consistent. a driver of her own mind.

be comfort. a force in the house that everyone came to.

her heart songs began so early. i was singing as soon as i could talk. my first song that i played on a loop, she's got the whole world in her hands. i wore it out. i can see myself sitting in the front seat of the car, little, nursery school age...i just got picked up after 9 hours being with nuns. i can still smell sr muriel...a combination of starch and sanka. funny memory. everyonce in a while it stops me and makes me think. huh. i remember everything. details. voices. scents. sounds. sharpness. i spent years there and can only remember a few things: naptime, confusing for me—here's a hard floor and a blanket..WTF? not feeling the comfort in this...oh but here's your own blanket; upclose it was blue and white with little dollies on it. 

oh and the doling of those vanilla wafer cookies, the smell of glue; that paste with a popsicle stick. btw, i didn't eat it:) and the huge tree outside—i was too short to reach the swinging branch, so i kicked fallen pinecones instead. and i can see an red apple shaped patch on my green little pants.

back to snoopy... he was given to me for my 6th birthday. judy gave him to me. a mommy of a girl in my class. the girl, we didn't connect. her mommy loved me. we shared the same birthday and she came to my party and gave me him. he was small, but he had powers that fueled so many many hours of good feeling energy for me. he dreamed with me, went on sleepovers and learned things with me. fast forward to 20 something. he moved to my farmhouse. a labor of love and sweat equity. a renovation from floor boards to the siding. fruits of labor. action effort. lowerback memory proof. ugh. so he lived up there in a sweet room with 2 twin iron beds with peter the pink bunny. fast forward 10 years. they both got thrown away. a old partner didn't think and i regret this one thing; leave no man behind. talk about delayed reaction. it didn't hit me until 6 or 8 months ago. a door got opened in my heart. i experienced a rerun recently and once again reminded with a flood of importance of what it all meant—the code meaning, but hit me for reaL this time. 

things with meaning hold feelings.

i was never a stuff person. ever. i took really good care of the things i had with great respect. it was about appreciation for the qualites of an object and i loved to share. sheer generocity, my dad would say—sucha sweetheart. .. ugh, i just got the visual of him offering me a lifesavor..peeling back the foil and giving me one and tucking it back into his front slacks pocket. ty papa. 

so, the original snoopy gone. searching for his twin. they don't make them like they use to. i say timing is everything. and he will appear in his own time. trust is in my air. btw, i would split a gumball with you.



loose change

roses from my heart—i wrote this in '98, a sweet little country tune. 
is your house on my hill? 
your door's open, i know that well. 
when i reach inside to thank you for your love, i send you roses from heart. 
hey, are those daisies for me? 
you know i'd share them with you. 
s/he loves me
no loves me nots
and for that moment.
that special moment. 
you were here by my side. 
is your house on my hill? 
your door's open, i know that well. 
when i reach inside to thank you for your love, i send you roses from heart. 
hey i called out your name. 
answer with love. 
oh i'll keep calling
til you come running
it's a feelin' i can't hide.
if you were a song, and a melody. that completes this heartsong.
i wish you could hear it. it's sweet. 
i wrote this for my almost mommy franny. my bestie's momma. she left earth too early for my liking. i knew she was going before she did. that seems to happen to me alot. i can count these experiences. i feel the still small voice talk, like it's time to let go..not much time left. and then it is. 
the joy of life. to know it. time. why. how. when. what. where. all the parts of the joy ride. 
i can still feel the wind in my hair, top down. and the reason, none. to know and never see again a life that knew your name and meant so much. that's the perfection of the heart. it expands and contracts. the emotional heart feels the tenderness of another to the degree you can hold this compassionate understanding for self. quickly. slowly. it doesn't matter. the purpose of these blessings, to stack up love points for self. think each time you love another and want the best for them, this act insolates your soul. and sometimes a blessing hurts and sometimes it opens another part of yourself you may have forgotten or never really knew. and now you can take this light and shine it on someone who loves the light and adds a vibration that can distill a beauty that may create something even more wonderful than you alone were carrying. conspiring lighteningbugs. 
change. loose change. i love that. 

eye to eye

i recently came across my art board with this clipped to it... a doodle sketch from 2010. god it was that long ago?! the newsprint has yellowed, and the paper has taken on moisture and redried; so there are waves of water damage..which i actually love. it kinda feels better that way :) i am not sure i could have replicated that if i tried to. i think this was done during a creative spurt. 2010 yielded alot of songs, words and creativity; sort of like this year. a good year. it's similar to looking at the rings in the life of a tree—at the core of its growth. the rings tell the truth, like life accomplishments or fullfillments... that was a good year for yielding. and that was a slow year. understanding it all balances out in the end.

your creative edge. who/what feeds your flow and who/what sucks it dry? who/what feeds your heart fire and inspires and who/what dampens opportunties for expansion? look. if your circle of trust has a member in it that is drag on your wing, cut them loose. if they are vampires of your time, slowing your process to be the best version of you, yield winfall reset your moments and redirect your attention.

i spent years on airplanes and years working 7 days a week. years like freakin' pez dispenser of creativity for creative agencies that had absolutely no creative edge or drive. years inspiring with my start-up energy—come on people, wake up, get excited, go to your heart.. feel the brand and the connection to this message. these, all are valuable experiences under my life belt.

time to make-make-make my heart sing a pink hearted song.

you either align with people who get it or please run with-it on your own. just keep moving. and know that the more you stay in your heartboat and get really specific the right circumstances come to you like a moth to a flame.

PROLIFIC. i like everything about that word in accordance with happiness. 

b a l a n c e. a respectful exchange. summoning eye to eye with that. a co-pilot that yields. a living breathing trust. abundance is the parent. a boldness that will set the world on fire. and can make fire with one stick. a magician with the sense of smell—no fear. 


trust or faith

passion teabag on egytian cotton sheets. add heat. ironed, edges turn purple. 

upon the knowingness. there is always an opportunity to go deeper. the new alignment is that the structure within your own heart has capacity of which you thought you never could know. the depths. these are what make great writers; experiential awareness can't be accessed through someone elses eyes. it is to be possessed through action. the act of is valuable. the range of this access is to be and to know. there is no way of explaining this truth. ask a creator who is in the midst of their craft, in the zone to explain what is coming through them. it just is. the embodiment of this energy carries the ball to the enzone.

this coincides with the understanding that being prepared is an illusion. your instincts are truly the only skills that will give you the best direction for what you want to know. there is that voice that tells you, go here. don't go here. the bold go and use this inner guidance. i have had experiences that told me go and the result was not what i expected, in the natural. it pushed me the depths of understanding that i never desired to be entangled with. my energy. i honor it. to know is to not know sometimes. this is the double-edged sword. the voice inside is guiding you towards what you need to know. this can be what you are intending, but not what you want the experience to look or feel like.

the heart has capacity. feel the wisdom. 

the heart map will take you through the depths to show you what you want. it is not that house. it is the house nextdoor. open your eyes. your heart knows ultimately. trust it.

my instincts were born right.


royalty. visionary. 

she sees, before it is. and then it's done. 

shes the earth

shes the sky 

shes the wind

she can fly

shes the color of it all


fierce force who can. will. can. 

shes the moment in the wind

shes good at decifering her truth and moving towards her eye-sun, god. 

eternal reflection healing, expanding, morphing, trusting, writing, creating, making, giving, and yes—receiving the highest love. 

the properties of building brand one. 

blinking lights. cellphone sandwich bites 

street signs tells no truth. no lifeguard on duty. he's always with me. alone is for those who can't see what i know is in me

kermit the frog says, say so. be your courage. embrace sweet green. say so.  her inner beauty knows  above and beyond what confusing fear told. 

shes the sweet smell of freedom. shes the words between the words that have true feeling. 









truth in stillness

contemplative willness.

you need sunglasses. cause where she's at it's brighter than the sun shes abundance, in her heart and soul.  shes the notes and silence in this heart song. undefined by anything or anyone, at all.  her wishbox has no limits.  dream. write. fill it. will it. 

the art of manifesting is her business. it's already sold. the one to be bold with. 

you are she. this is will, your heart will song.