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vincente agor

made in lowell

The Intuitive Garden

have the want. now have the have.




 Never give up. When your heart becomes tired, just walk with your legs - but move on. paulo coelho

Clark Kat



Live what you love.™

just focus on what you want to show up in your life.



love is a rainbow

what have i learned? my antenna isn't bent.  our communication is beyond words in this realm. love lives here. this frequency is all about trust. it's thoughts with legs, infact, has a cape like superman with capacity of full expression built in. have you ever had that moment when you thought of someone and then they call, or you see their name, or you see something that represents them to you. kermit. kings. giants. mickey. a penny.  the definition of LOVE is not black and white. its possesses the full color spectrum—you can be the rainbow. i am. 

be all the colors for yourself. give yourself permission to be open to receive. clarity is birthed here.  our motherself is the squareroot of the base of the rainbow.

it's a pot of gold for some. a pot of coal for others. 

if you were born with coal, make your own loving pressure tank in your solar plexis and create kick-ass diamonds with your breath.

create diamonds in your life. 

you can attract diamonds in your life. lovely shiny, sparkling diamonds.  happy twinkly diamonds.  beautiful canary diamonds. hope diamonds.  loving pink diamonds.  crystal clear white diamonds. 

loving intentions are #miraclemakers in this life—picture a gigantic spaceship that can assist you to create what you really want—what you need. its about getting onboard in your mind. and understanding your seatbelt is just a joke. if the spaceship goes down, how likely are we to survive? i mean it's light uears from earth! common! that lean forward on the seat infront of you, is so you can close your eyes and pray, like church. risk happens everyday. 

mission trust love lives here. please buckle up, because turbulance is real. you could hit your head and live to tell about it. the most bold earth shakers are risk takers. bank on self.

love is clarity


feeling green: pick 3

loving the vibe from this story:

mcKellen scarves | feather pendant necklace | handwoven dhurrie 


heart wide open, eyes wide open

transitions—like with the change of the seasons—come opps for us to expand and shed another layer—to reveal the most current version of ourselves. whether forced upon us or not; think of these opportunities as blessings to become more aware, consciously choosing to be true to the nowness of self. this is where all your power is—now. this is the moment when you decide to leave a party on our own terms and segue to where your highest loving energy is leading you—rather than being the last one standing while the broom is being swept across your feet, empty wine glasses piled up—which is long after your still want to be here vibe is gone. let your heart be your pilot. the head in logic-mode often leads you to the middle of an intersection and leaves you standing there with an 18 wheeler heading straight for you; telling you overcoming these feats of strength requires a long list of the right circumstances to line-up for resolve or solution. UGH! all uphill, kung fu, needing action effort. fighting it feels like going up against a master, much-much more skilled than you. but it's an illusion. you are thumb wrestling with yourself. close your eyes. there is the answer. every. single. time. 

the empath—on the path. keen sensitivity is fully activated. the inner path shows itself like a revolving door. a kind nag. openness is the fuel. timing sometimes plays a part in the culmination of all energies converging to create a new and beautiful expanded reality that encompasses all that you have been intending for so so so very long. steping into this sense of reality is almost like it's too good to be true. synchronicity is a reality. not luck. not by chance. not by accident. the reality is you have summoned this for yourself. you must have dedicated, prayed-on, asked, said what if so many times to yourself that you let it in. this it, whatever it looks like. now what? this is the difference between satisfactory attachment and ultimate loving attainment for self. a convergence. a new reality now exists. 

decipher-er—clear POV—the saying is—the eyes are the window to one's soul. the expanded awareness new masses are stepping into transcends the five senses. that third eye or sixth sense is the part of level-of-discernment we are using for many reasons (just like we did in ancient times) and is no longer considered for those who are at the level or stage of enlightenment. we are waking walking in the state of nonseparateness. this truth is becoming clearer to more and more. helping one another over walls‚—inner and outer barrier thrown in your face to help one another realize the fullest of potentials and embody a sense of creative purpose with loving impact. no longer is that urge to prove someone wrong the driving force; more that the force is a wave of loving energy that continues to feed this creative pot where like minds converge and conspire to throw their stone into the water to create another ripple, forever changing the makeup of that body of water. new life. creative birth. loving ourselves, and so capacity to love one another, truly.

image { me.


rolling with the tide

On day 4 of my 7 day challenge by Be Free Today's Russell J O'Neill.

Taking life-school to the next level. Inspiring challenge.

Thank you RO!


Moving Right In

these 2 rooms feel ready for me to move right in. i am convinced it's a must to have a few homes. love the thought of expressing totally different aspects of yourself in completely different suroundings. serenity now is calling me, so i am moving towards it. with full heart. body. and soul. ox

{elle decor}


st francis

Two frogs, two days. I am a huge animal totem believer, truly agreeing animals do send us messages and give us clear direction. I have a hawk that's been gracing me with its presence lately and I'm loving every minute. So my message here is to encourage you to pay a bit more attention to what's actually happening in the moment and take notice when mother nature sends you a frog, cardinal, bee or a mouse.

St Francis is the patron saint of animals. Great find from rosamystica - new metals made by casting vintage pieces.

It features St Francis preaching his sermon to the birds with a rope-edged border. 

The back of the medal has St Francis' blessing to St Leo in Latin:

May the Lord 

bless you and keep you. 

May He show His face to you 

and be merciful to you. 

May He turn His countenance to you 

and give you peace.


embrace your narrative

say what you have to say doesn't always require words. the evidence is below.


all at etsy.